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Last Word
i don't know why, but just from 16 year old. i feel i cann't live until 25 years. i don't have any disease or i'm not sick.
i just feel now i cann't live for 3 year. so from now i start to write a last word from me to all people that i have meet and seen.
people that i love, my family, friends, teacher, and etc. write the best word to them, if i'm no longer at this world.
like this: father and mother, i'm glad i was born and become your child,......etc .. i don't want u to forget about my
ugliness, because more people are remember to someone just from their bad act. so i'll never vanish from u memory.....

i write the last word with softcopy.. and designed it's with web page.. maybe sometimes i'll publication it to internet.
i just find a better place to post it. and i save the copy at my flash disk that never used by anyone. hope last some body
will find and read it.  oh yeah, this is my first page of last word. i used black rabbit mascot, because i like her smile.
just write a word that u want to say to all, what u feel and what u think.

find me: i just an ordinary girl, enjoying my life, planning a future, and the main is i not good at lying. if i lying, i will sweating like just finishing running.
oh yeah, if i didn't post a blog about 3 month maybe it's mean i'm no longer at this world...

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