Tear's drop is a blog i using to write my unforgetable memory or another case.
i will write and post the blog if i remember a memory that makes me drop my tear's.
i hope i'll never forget this memory. feel free to comment

Bi's Memory
it's november/20/2008 morning. i was awaken by a voice, a cat voice. Bi ?! i thought it's was Bi.
ou.. how dissapointed. it's just another cat from neighbour. Bi was my cat. he is my partner from elementary school.
he was died 3 years ago. it's a common cat with black and white flur. it's form just like dalmatian(dog).
he has alive for 13 years. it's long, right!. want to know what he ate everyday. it's fish and mush.
sometime i give him, bone, milk,and biscuit.
ah~ how cute is he. hmm~ i don't bring his i cann't show you. he was a very fat, funny and clever cat.
Ah~ i forget to the topic. someday, it's about 4.30 am(it's very morning at my country),
the time that usually my family awaken, prepare to working, selling fish at the market. i was awaken by some weird voice.
and it's come from thw window. and, it's was Bi.. he called me for awake. this is wonderful for me.
because Bi know where he can look me. and then i when out from room and find Bi.
hug him and praise him.. good good Bi..i just wondering why he awaken me today.
and he pointed to his bowl.. haha he awaken just for eat (breakfast).. i smile tickle.

from that day.. Bi always awaken me at that time, although sometimes nobody wake up at that time.
i used that time to play with him, study,and playing game PS. that's is a very nice day.
oh yeah, though one day i sick and sleeping at family room.. he also accompany me.
i awaken because, he sleep at my foot, Ough he is too weight.
oh, yeah another miracle day is when Bi's throat hooking a fish bone.
he dissapear from home about 3 month. i wonder why he don't appear in front of me.
and my family and i though Bi was died, but we still fill his bowl about one month..hope he will come back.
after 3 month, Bi finally appear. he was very thin, 1/3 weight from the past.
i and my family think it's was a miracle his come back.
he totally cured about 3 weeks. after i'm in genior high school,
i know a fact that i stop hug him more than past. my teacher said that cat flur(all cat) can make barreness.
it's a new exprience for me. now i often play with him by using another play tools. but he like it to. until his dead.
i have changed my mind. i don't know what happen to me. i cann't confess his dead for 1 year.
but now i can, i have decide to leave him in the peace. that's was a very very happy day he gave to me, thank's Bi

my habit: start from his died, i usually greeting to a cat that i seen where ever i was. can you find me?


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